Nipsey Hussle Is a Former Hustler Turned Legit in His Star-Studded Video 'Double Up': Premiere

Nipsey Hussle
Norberto Garcia

Nipsey Hussle

Though Nipsey Hussle's rap opus Victory Lap was released at the top of the year, the West Coast lyricist continues to churn out more content from his lauded project. Today (Oct. 4), Hussle premieres his 11-minute video for "Double Up," starring his girlfriend, Lauren London, actor Jackie Long, and the song's features Dom Kennedy and Belly. 

The Sergio-helmed clip begins in 2007, with Hussle and London portrayed as drug-dealing tandem making an obscene amount of cash. Hussle teaches London the ins and outs of the game and later asks her to make a drop-off to a client. As London drives to her destination, she sees a police car tailing her. Though the cop doesn't stop her, London is clearly shaken by the incident and quits the drug game for good without telling Nipsey. 

Fast forward 10 years later, London is married to a clean cut business man in Jackie Long. Sadly for the couple, they are forced to sell the plush mansion and little do they know, Nipsey is interested in taking it off their hands. Nipsey walks into the house and is greeted by Long who asks London to give her a former beau a tour. After receiving the tour, Nipsey agrees to purchase the house and asks London and her husband to come over to his housewarming party.

To Nipsey's surprise, London shows up, but without her husband. The two spend time together and walk along the beach while the party is taking place. Though London appears open to the idea of rekindling her torrid love affair with Nipsey, her former beau surprises her at the end of the video by revealing that he also has a new partner in his life, which vexes the actress to the core. 

"We wanted to expand on the idea of [the song] by telling a story of an abandoned love affair between a young hustler and his girl," Hussle tells Billboard. "The lifestyle ends up being too much for the girl and she leaves unexpectedly. Years later, the young hustler ends up fully legit and successful and runs into the girl and that interaction is where the story continues."

Adds Hussle, "The narrative is autobiographical."

Check out the video for "Double Up" below. 

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