CyHi The Prynce Challenges Joe Budden to a Live Rap Battle For $500,000

Prince Williams/Getty Images
Cyhi Da Prynce at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 21, 2018 in Universal City, Calif.

Joe Budden has been directing repeated barbs on The Joe Budden Podcast at CyHi The Prynce for continually backing Kanye West. He's also been mocking Cy for hyping up Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music roll-out, which Cy ended up not being a part of. Now, the Georgia rhymer has challenged Budden to a live Pay-Per-View rap battle for $500,000.

The feud was sparked by a fan putting out the thought of hopefully seeing Joe Budden battle CyHi at some point into the ethos. "Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career I’m the wrong 1 to play with but if he wants to put 500k up let’s get it and we doing it face to face too so you can look the GOD in his eyes while I take your SOUL and we call pay per view and we can double it! I got Sponsors," the No Dope on Sundays rapper replied on Twitter Tuesday (Oct. 2).

"You don’t even believe this lol," Budden fired back. "From a n---a standing next to and caping for a man who lost his soul, CyHi better fucking relax."

The New Jersey resident briefly addressed the CyHi beef on the latest episode of his The Joe Budden Podcast Wednesday (Oct. 3). "I've worked myself into a lose-lose situation, which ultimately, is a win-win," he began. "CyHi knows what's going on, just leave me alone and stop. He's got a problem with media Joe, all these n---s got a problem with media Joe, so why do y'all keep calling out rapper Joe? If somehow we were able to raise enough capital to make this fun, do y'all think Joe wouldn't do it? It's all a matter of timing."

Listen to The Joe Budden Podcast, with CyHi talk beginning around the five-minute mark, and check out their Twitter exchange, below.