Stream Logic's 'Young Sinatra IV' Album With Features By Wu-Tang Clan, Jaden Smith and Ryan Tedder

Ryan Jay

After releasing a string of singles over the summer, Logic delivered the fourth installment of the Young Sinatra series on Friday (Sept. 28).

Y​​SIV finds Bobby returning to his roots just six months removed from satisfying his rabid RattPack fan base with the Bobby Tarantino II mixtape. The highly anticipated 14-track effort is stacked with features from the likes of the entire reunited Wu-Tang Clan, Wale, Edge of 17 star Hailee Steinfeld, Ryan Tedder, Jaden Smith, and much more. 

"I’ma be honest. This is one of the best albums I ever made,” the Maryland native boasted on social media earlier in September.

Logic later shared that he hopes listeners give the layered album the proper time to sit down with and digest. "In this ADD, one listen review world we live in where anyone with a twitter account is suddenly a music journalist," he jokingly tweeted Friday (Sept. 28). "I give you this very important album! It is meant to be consumed as a whole! So enjoy it as such like we used to do back in the day when albums came out."

Stream YSIV below.