Miguel Talks Connecting With Fans Through Meditation Before His Shows

Kee Hwang


Miguel is doing something cool that he’s never done before. While on the road with his Ascension Tour, the War & Leisure singer-songwriter has been hosting special guided meditation sessions with a handful of press and fans before each show.

During Miguel’s recent stopover in Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre on Sept. 19, invited press were asked to arrive at 4:15 p.m. for a session followed by a fan session at 4:30 p.m. in advance of Miguel’s 9 p.m. showtime. The fan portion is part of the artist’s high-end VIP meet & greet package.

As the Ascension Tour approaches the final two shows of its 26-date run (Vancouver, B.C., on Thursday; Las Vegas on Friday), Miguel explains what his guided meditation encompasses -- and why it will likely become a fixture in future projects.

What prompted you to include meditation sessions on your tour?

It’s the perfect way to incorporate my personal habits into the professional process. 

How long have you been a meditation devotee?

I started meditation around the creative process of Wildheart [his 2015 album] after I'd read that The Beatles were doing transcendental meditation during the creation of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

What does each session involve?

It is a six-phase guided meditation narrated by Vishen Lakhiani that traverses consciousness, gratitude, forgiveness, three-year aspirations, visualization of one's perfect day, etc. The amount of people varies from city to city. The most so far was about 30 people. And the meditation lasts about 20 mins. 

What’s been the response?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. I will likely build this experience into greater opportunities to connect, educate and be educated by my fans

How does this help you before each show and what’s the takeaway for fans?

Although the nature of the guided meditation we’ve been doing centers around one's personal goals and consciousness, I’ve found the group setting to really amplify and reinforce the purpose of this tour. And that’s been to genuinely connect with my truest fans and hopefully inspire thought on how to transcend the limitations they’ve chosen to acknowledge.