Lupe Fiasco Releases 'Drogas Wave' Album One Week Early: Listen

 Gladys Vega/Getty Images
Lupe Fiasco performs at Coliseo Jose M. Agrelot on March 18, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

Lupe Fiasco's DROGAS WAVE was originally slated to release Sept. 28, but the Chicago native decided to gift fans a week early and drop the project today (Sept. 21). The DROGAS LIGHT follow-up contains 24 tracks and is peppered with features throughout. 

"'Drogas Wave' is based on a story about a group of slaves that jumped off of a slave ship transporting them from Africa. The slaves did not drown, and instead somehow managed to live under the sea," Lupe told Complex. "They spent the rest of their underwater existence sinking slave ships. ‘Drogas’ is the Spanish word for drugs. I made it an acronym which stands for ‘Don’t Ruin Us God Said.'"

The 36-year-old's seventh solo LP finds assists from a range of artists, including Simon Sayz, Damian Marley, Crystal Torres, and a heavy dose of Nikki Jean. Fiasco explained his no-media policy going into the project, clearing up that there's no ego involved on his part. "Let me be clear I’m turning down interview requests not because I think I’m too good to do them it’s actually the reverse. I don’t think in these times I’m GOOD ENOUGH to do them. I’ve never seen myself as a star and I still don’t," he wrote on Twitter Wednesday (Sept. 19).

Expect a vinyl record of DROGAS WAVE to be released soon. For now, stream Lupe Fiasco's latest album below.