Watch James Corden & Joel McHale Fight Over Kaley Cuoco in 'Drake Lyrics Soap Opera'

Terence Patrick/CBS
Kaley Cuoco and Joel McHale perform in The Bold and The Lyrical with James Corden during The Late Late Show with James Corden on Sept. 19, 2018. 

A lot of Drake's songs are kind of like mini-soap operas to begin with, so it made perfect sense when James Corden enlisted Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and comedian Joel McHale to join him in a Drake lyrics-themed edition of The Bold and the Lyrical on Wednesday night's (Sept. 19) Late Late Show. Set in a hospital, of course, the scene featured McHale and Corden battling for bedridden Cuoco's affection using nothing but Drizzy lyrics. 

"Last name ever, first name greatest," a smitten Dr. Corden says as he spots Cuoco in her hospital gown. "Is she a patient in my waiting room?" Rousing from her sleep a startled Cuoco snaps, "You used to call me on my cell phone! Late night when you need my love." The "Hotline Bling" affair goes back and forth before dipping into lines from "Make Me Proud" and "Started From the Bottom" and, with Corden dramatically intoning "it's a lot of bad things," seemingly some grim news on the X-rays.

Not even a few lines from "The Motto" can turn things around, that is, until a leather jacket-wearing McHale busts through the door with that prophetic "Closer to My Dreams" line "hi haters, I'm back from hiatus." Things heat up with some back and forth from "God's Plan," "With You" and "Nice For What," ending with Corden challenging his rival to a fight in the weirdest way possible with a booty-shaking line from "One Dance." 

It all falls apart, though, when McHale rivals that dance line with his own, "I don't dance, I make money moves," which Corden and Cuoco reveal to him is acutally a Cardi B lyric, not a Drake one. The whole scene devolves into a slap fight, with both men asking the crucial question: "Kiki, do you love me?"

Check out the full scene below.