Watch Cardi B Pay Tribute to Mac Miller: 'I Just Hope That Now, He's In a Better Place'

After news broke on Friday (Sep. 7) that Mac Miller tragically passed away at the age of 26 from an apparent overdose, members of the music community shared messages of love and support for his friends and family while paying tribute to the young rapper.

Speaking with Billboard’s Evan Real on the red carpet at the Harper’s Bazaar’s Icons New York Fashion Week event, Cardi B, Kim Petras, Christian Combs and more reacted to the news of Miller’s death.

“It’s very sad. Nobody knows why is the reason, why he overdosed,” Cardi B told Billboard. “I just hope that it wasn’t because of the pressure that fame brings you. I feel like people don’t know that fame brings you a lot of sadness, a lot of pressure, and I just hope that now, he’s in a better place.”

Asked how music fans can preserve Miller’s legacy, Cardi B replied, “Keeping his music alive, keep repeating his videos and everything -- and just appreciate his music. I know that he wants people listening to his music. That’s what I would want.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper also shared a message for Miller’s loved ones, saying, “Stay strong. Look in the sky, look for messages. He will be sending some. They always send messages in the weirdest way. Maybe in a dream, maybe something. You’ll find it.”

Other artists also paid tribute to Mac Miller, with Christian Combs stating that when he was younger, he was heavily inspired by the late rapper. “I always looked at Mac Miller’s work, back when I was young, like just discovering that I wanted to be an artist myself,” he said. “He inspired me a lot. I would see his freestyles and stuff like that. Rest in peace, Mac Miller.”

Victoria Justice said that she is devastated that so many young people have been losing their lives due to overdoses, adding, “It hurts me and it makes me so sad. He was such a talented person, and he’s definitely left an impact on the world.”

“He was just really, really cool,” noted Kim Petras. “He just had a swag about him that nobody else quite had. He was just such a cool, new vibe.”

Sofia Carson also shared her thoughts on Miller’s passing, explaining that fans should continue to listen to his music and continue spreading the messages that he stood for. “I think he lives on in his music,” she shared. “I think that’s kind of a beautiful thing because his lyrics and stories will stay with us forever and for generations to come.”

Kim Petras, Cardi B & More Remember Mac Miller | Billboard

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