Watch Blac Youngsta Take Fans on a Tour Around Memphis in '901' Video: Premiere

Blac Youngsta
Jay Goldz

Blac Youngsta

Last week (Aug 31), Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta dropped the second installment of his fan-favorite mixtape series, F--k Everybody 2 with a stacked roster of collaborators including fellow Memphian and one of the hottest emerging producers Tay Keith and rapper Lil Pump (who was the sole feature artist on the project). Today (Sept 7), he premieres the raw and authentic video to his song "901", exclusively on Billboard.

In the video, Youngsta showcases South Memphis where he grew up, cutting to different streets and scenes in the neighborhood with his friends and people of the community. Speaking on the inspiration for the video to Billboard over the phone, Youngsta notes how he wanted to showcase a different side of his city. "I didn't want to go all over the city, I wanted to just show where I grew up from. I wanted it to be a little more ratchet." He adds, "When I came in, I came in doing videos like that in the hood all day with guns and whatnot. So this time I wanted to do the same thing but take the guns out."

On the cover art for the project, Youngsta is showing throwing up the middle finger signs with a red bandana tied across his arm. Notable phrases around him like, "Still fuck my deadbeat daddy", "Fuck friends", and "Fuck y'all" paint the relatable and ubiquitous reach of dismissing anything that's a non-factor in one's life. Youngsta comments on the design saying, "for the first cover, I took a chalkboard and wrote different phrases. This time I wanted to do something different and not have it look like the first cover."

Youngsta recently achieved chart success with his single "Booty" that entered the Billboard Hot 100. The popular party record show Youngsta's ability to diversify his musical offerings but he wanted to get back to the basics with this new project. "I wanted to go back to the old Youngsta and show I'm not Hollywood. I could still dip down and go ratchet with it," he says. While not artists can live in the duality of street and party jams, Youngsta explains that his supporters understand his artistry and are into it noting, "I'm a 'get it off your chest' type of person. So my fans already know anytime I'm coming it's raw and uncut"

Get into "901" below: