Kylie Jenner is a Golden Angel in Travis Scott's 'Stop Trying to be God' Music Video: Watch

Travis Scott has officially unveiled a cinematic music video for "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD," and it's filled with Christian symbolism with a dark twist.   

The clip shows negative aspects of religion, as he (acting as God) terrorizes a town with fire and lasers--a tribute to someone who ruins others by thinking too highly of himself. A modern day baptism and Travis Scott herding demonic sheep are also weaved throughout the visual.   

Kylie Jenner makes an appearance as a golden angel comforting Travis as their house goes up in flames. At the end, Scott recreates a manger scene, with his lady Jenner in a farm holding a lamb, an animal often used to refer to Jesus.   

Watch the "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD" video below.