Tyler, The Creator Talks Kanye West's 'Violent Crimes' Making Him Cry, Hopes For Radio Success: 'That Time Will Come'

Tyler the Creator
Matthieu Venot/GQ Style

Tyler, the Creator on the cover of the Fall 2018 issue of GQ Style.

Tyler, The Creator is one of the most eclectic personalities in all of hip-hop, as you never know where a conversation with him could be headed. GQ Style sat down with the 27-year-old to shed light on a number of topics, including thoughts on his favorite artists, peculiar childhood traditions, his hopes of eventually ending up on mainstream radio, and much more. 

The Flower Boy rapper details the euphoric moment of listening to the chords on Kanye West's ye album closer "Violent Crimes." "Those chords, like, I can’t explain what they do to me. I always talk about chords and probably sound like a fucking dork, but since I was fucking 4-years-old, I would always say it was a slant or it went up, 'cause I didn’t know what chords were, but it was a thing that music did that I just felt in my fucking body," the California native says.

Tyler adds that he had to fight back tears throughout the track. "And that was the most recent song that did it to me. Like, 1 out of 10, that shit did it a 12, and I just -- my eyes just started watering. I couldn’t explain it. I hope when I die it gets explained to me," he admits.

The Golf Wang creator also opens up about his previous unsuccessful attempts to get play on the radio, and how he's confident about making it happen with his upcoming projects. "I’ve been trying to get on the radio," Tyler says. "I haven’t been super successful with that, but that time will come. If it’s not the next album, then it’s the three after that."

Wolf Haley then explains that he doesn't think his voice was cut out for the radio world when compared to the likes of a Kanye West or Drake. "I think there are certain voices that can make it into a mainstream world because of the tone that they’re in. People like [JAY-Z], ‘Ye, Drake, you know, [Kendrick Lamar]. It’s a world that their voice lives in," he says. "It’s not too high and squeaky, and it’s not too low and bassy, it’s not too abrasive and raspy. It sits in this space that’s easy listening for humans. I definitely don’t have that voice. And I fucking wish that I did."

Tyler also has high praise for Eminem and even admits he tried to rap like him on his first two albums. “The thing with Eminem is he’s the reason I started rapping, still one of my favorite rappers. I just want to hang out with him and we go to Target for a few days," he quips. "And go feed some ducks and then, like, listen to some weird fucking German dub-prog-rock-industrial music and then see what we come up with, no strings attached.... I just wanted to rap like Eminem my first two albums."

Matthieu Venot/GQ Style
Tyler, the Creator in the Fall 2018 issue of GQ Style.