This Is Earth: Watch 12 Global Remixes of Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

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From China to Iraq, Brazil and Nigeria, the world has given the tune its own spin.

When Donald Glover dropped the powerful "This Is America" video back in early May the surprise Childish Gambino track immediately racked up way more YouTube views than any of the rapper/actor's other videos. But in addition to making a stark, funky statement on the state of the nation, the unapologetically blunt images of gun violence and allusions to racial profiling also opened a Pandora's box of catharsis for budding rappers across the globe to use "America" as a template to dance through their own pain and strife.

On Wednesday's (Aug. 1) edition of PRI's The World, some of the most striking remixed versions of the song and video from Iraq, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and France were profiled as a doorway into how Gambino's mixture of elegant beats and in-your-face imagery has inspired artists around the world. From "This Is Nigeria," which weaves some traditional instruments over lyrics about political and police corruption to the violence against women in "This Is South Africa" and the war-torn chaos of "This Is Iraq," each video and song uses the song as a template to speak on national issues.

"Take your clothes off (rape), Take a photo (rape)/ I'm so petty, they don't get it," the MC in the Iraq video raps as a hooded figure in the back alludes to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal involving U.S. troops in 2003. The range of styles and customization (including some that are more like pointed parodies than political statements) speaks to the song's universal message, but the power of each remake is in the artist's inspiration to speak through the melody of Gambino's world-beat-infused track.

Check out 12 of the best "America" remixes below.

This Is Sierra Leone

This Is Nigeria

This Is Brazil

This Is Iraq

This Is Barbados

This Is Malaysia

This Is South Africa

This Is Afghanistan

This Is Uganda

This Is Ghana

This Is France

This Is India