Lil' Kim Releases Sexy New Video For 'Nasty One': Watch

It's been a few weeks since Lil' Kim released her beat-heavy new tune, "Nasty One" on her birthday, and now she has unveiled an accompanying tropical music video.

In the vibrant clip, the rapper is dripping in luxury, wearing bright colors as she dances around an opulent mansion and takes a dip in the swimming pool. She even rides a Ferrari with her girlfriends and rocks a red motorcycle. 

“The single instantly reminds me of when I use to go to the underground clubs as a teenager,” Kim told Complex. “I naturally wanted the video to reflect that with the super sexy Caribbean vibe, vivid colors and the dancing. When my fans watch the video, I want them to ultimately jump up and groove with it.”

"Nasty One" is off Lil' Kim's upcoming fifth studio album, out in November. Check out the video below.