Bow Wow Goes on Wild Twitter Rant, Offers to Give All Of His Money Away: 'I'ma Quit This Sh-t'

Bow Wow
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Bow Wow attends MTV TRL at MTV Studios on February 22, 2018 in New York City.  

This year has been a rough one for Bow Wow. Not only has the 31-year-old publicly entertained the thought of suicide on numerous occasions, but he also has been a walking punchline for fans and social media users alike. On Monday (July 30), Bow Wow once again found himself embroiled in a verbal scuffle with a fan after he posted a picture of him and his girlfriend on Twitter

To get things started, the fan posted under Bow Wow's picture and accused him of being a cheater. "Once a cheater, always a cheater," she wrote. "He’s been in the club the last 2 nights being real friendly. Even kicked my friend and me out his section because we was recording, it ain’t like he’s big time."

Instead of ignoring the comment, Bow Wow went on the defensive and thrashed the fan with a series of expletives. 

"I dont do cameras u stupid bitch," Bow Wow said. "Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright ass camera down u got mad so u tweet my bitch. Id pay a bitch 1000 to slap the lacefront off yo dusty ass! This goes for the rest of you hoes! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE FUCK ALONE."

Later, Bow Wow slammed bloggers and all the "other gossiping ass hateful sites" for their inaccurate portrayal of him. "I hate you fucking bloggers too! Shaderoom i fuck with. All you other gossiping ass hateful sites FUCK YOU! your comment sections FUCK YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLSHIT I WOULDNT FUCK YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT BITCHES EVER! FUCK YOU!"

Though Bow Wow deleted several tweets about him needing to see his therapist, he made it a point to announce his decision to "quit everything" and move to North Carolina with his girlfriend in hopes of never being seen again. "Ima quit this shit. Downsize my home. Sale everything. And go work at Gamestop. Id probably be the happiest man in the world. trade my cars in and buy a probe," he wrote.

Bow Wow continued his rant by vowing to cash-app all of his money away to anyone who wanted "free money." "Im cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money yall can have it... lets see if you think money makes you happy."

Take a look at all of his tweets below. 


Becuas IF NOT.... ------ IM 1 sec from throwing it all away!

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I HATE YOU ----(and i say this with love)

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