Logic Drops Hopeful Single 'One Day' Featuring OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder: Listen

Ryan Jay


If Logic can do it, then you can, too, no doubt.

That’s the resounding message of the rapper’s hopeful new single “One Day” featuring OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, on which Logic reflects on his own rags-to-riches story. He fills the verses with juxtapositions of his past and present, comparing a childhood of “drugs in the household” and spending time “homeless in the blistering cold” with “the day I made a million.”  

But, as always, he paints this potentially bleak picture in a hopeful light. In the chorus, Logic cuts through Tedder’s soulful repetition of the words “one day” to declare his goals for himself, telling his fans and himself that one day he will “do it like I never did it” and “have the courage to go out and get it.” Tedder finishes off strong with his own words of encouragement, belting out the lines “only thing I know, it’s gonna be alright.”

The rapper, known for his reflective and anthemic lyricism, announced the new single on Thursday (July 26) with a tweet that read, “Making music is fun, but music with a message is so more important!!! This one is for anyone with a dream!!”

Logic is currently on the last week of The Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody tour with Kyle and NF, which corresponded with the release of his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape. 

Listen to the new single below.