DJ Khaled Gets Schooled by Son Asahd in 'No Brainer' Tease: Watch

The song featuring Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo is due out at noon on Friday (July 27).

If you ever had any doubt who the boss is in DJ Khaled's house the verdict is now in: it's son Asahd. The mini-mogul takes center-stage in a new Apple Music ad that dropped on Wednesday (July 26) promoting Friday's (July 27) release of Khaled's latest posse cut: "No Brainer." Just a few snippets of the track, which features Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Migos' Quavo, can be heard in the ad, which mostly focuses on a father-son comedy bit.    

With comedian Kevin Hart voicing Asahd, the clip opens with Khaled asking Siri to play the song on an Apple speaker, with the bouncing funk track running in the background as an agitated Asahd tosses papers off his high chair while complaining about not being able to get his money right, scribbling in crayon on what looks like important business papers. "I got to get paid," he cries, tossing Cheerios out of a golden bowl. "No longer will I be used as a pawn, he my DJ now," Asahd demands into his mobile phone as Khaled looks on in confusion.    

Khaled confronts his mini-me about talking to a lawyer, reminding him that the papers says "Khaled and Asahd," even as the toddler responds, "can someone order me Asahd and Khaled?" The argument gets heated and fans get another tiny snippet of Bieber crooning "baby it's a no brainer" before the scene fades out.

"No Brainer" is due out at 12 p.m. on Friday (July 27).