PnB Rock Drops Two New Songs 'Nowadays' & 'ABCD (Friend Zone)': Listen

PnB Rock
Maddie Cordoba

PnB Rock

In the last several months, PnB Rock has cemented his place as a valuable gem in the features department. So far this year, Rock aided the likes of 50 Cent, XXXTentacion and recently, Meek Mill with his buoyant melodies. With his buzz reaching a crescendo, on Friday (July 20) Rock opted to release two new singles "Nowadays" and "ABCD (Friend Zone)" from his forthcoming double-album TRAPSTAR TURNT POPSTAR.  

The former finds the Philly star ruminating about his early struggles over a piano-laden beat. "Came from a broken home, momma, she was never home/ All our fathers dead and gone, yeah they left us all alone," croons Rock. He also digs deep into his family woes and highlights his mom's old drug-dealing ways, singing, "Momma had to sell crack, 'member n----s took her pack/ Robbed her for a fuckin' sack, now we gotta start from scratch."

On "ABCD," Rock takes a softer approach and eyes a way to evade the inescapable "friendzone." While wittingly playing with the letters of alphabet on the song's hook, Rock adamantly makes his case for wanting to be "more than friends." "Met her in the A, told her where I be/ I just wanna see, she just want the D/ Miss me with the friend zone, ooh (friend zone)/ Miss me with the friend zone, ooh," he sings. 

Listen to "Nowdays" and "ABCD (Friendzone)" below.