King Combs Recreates Biggie's 'One More Chance' for New Video 'Love You Better' With Chris Brown: Exclusive

King Combs and Chris Brown
Gideon Ayeni and Ricardo Ramirez

King Combs and Chris Brown on the set of the video for "Love You Better" 

While it helps being the son of hip-hop luminary Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, it's equally important to have the talent needed to blossom in the music industry. So far, King Combs has trumped expectations all while carrying the weighty last name of his father on his shoulders.

Now, the versatile star hopes to accelerate his career onto the next level with his new video "Love You Better" featuring Chris Brown.

Directed by Andrew Sandler, King Combs and Breezy pay homage to the 1994 classic "One More Chance" by The Notorious B.I.G. Not only did the young hyphenate nab DJ Khaled to recreate Heavy D's memorable scene, but he also pulled NBA star Jaylen Brown to help paint the quintessential '90s flick for today's generation. 

“It was iconic to have such an influential artist in the hip-hop game today such as DJ Khaled embody the modern day Heavy D in the music video while featuring pop culture figures such as Jaylen Brown and my brother Justin," King Combs tells Billboard about his "Love You Better" video.

"[They] reminded me why I have made it my mission to bridge the gap between the new and old generations of music. I want people to know the '90s music scene will continue to inspire todays’ top hits across genres but will always need to include unique and modern sounds. It was also amazing to have all of CYN and friends be a part of the real party vibe while being able to share this incredible experience in my career with them."

For Combs, the thought of recreating Biggie's "One More Chance" while currently being the flagship artist for his father's iconic label was a humbling experience for him. 

"I have always been inspired by the iconic Bad Boy music of the '90s, and Notorious B.I.G. has been a heavy influence in my musical career since I realized I wanted to continue the legacy of such a remarkable era in hip-hop," Combs states. "It is an honor to pay homage to his iconic 'One More Chance' music video alongside my friend and collaborator Chris Brown as we were waiting for this very moment to bring the video to light. 'One More Chance' is one of my favorite videos and its amazing to have 'Love You Better' bring back the energy and essence of the video for the culture.” 

Watch "Love You Better" and check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos below.