Jay Rock & J. Cole Suffer From Paranoia in 'OSOM' Visual: Watch

Jay Rock J Cole
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 Jay Rock and J. Cole, "OSOM"

Jay Rock shared the cinematic visual for his Redemption cut "OSOM" featuring J. Cole, in which the rappers suffer from paranoia after an armed robbery goes awry, on Wednesday (June 20).

At the beginning of the clip, the duo meets in a motel room to clean themselves up after successfully pulling off their heist, as Cole scolds Rock for firing his weapon. Rock assures Cole that as long as he kept his mask on, he was nothing to worry. However, as they attempt to lay low and go back to living their normal lives, the men can't seem to escape their paranoia.

"One thing that I've learnt all of these years/Is to block devils off of my ears/Cause fairy tales don't end well/When the fame and fortune not here," Rock raps. The video ties into the song's message, as "OSOM" centers on the advantages ("Lil' Wayne on my single now") and disadvantages ("Triggers close to my fingers now/But when the label frozed up, they all chosed up) that come with fame. 

As Cole leaves a grocery store, Cole begins to think that a man is following him, as the rapper peers through his rare and side view mirrors. To cope with his personal struggles, Cole raps, "Fantasies of grabbing the heat and burnin' my nose off/N----s might not know but I'm slightly throwed off/And I might need Zoloft, but for now, these Xannies will do."

Later in the visual, Cole and Rock meet up to discuss their day, but their conversation is interrupted by a burning shopping cart that rolls past their cars. Two masked men dressed in all-black approach Cole and Rock before the visual ends with the words "Out of Time" on the screen. 

Watch the full video below.