XXXTentacion's Candlelight Vigil in Los Angeles Turns Into Riot, Ex-Girlfriend Says She Was Kicked Out of Memorial

Jack McKain


Fans of XXXTentacion gathered in droves on Tuesday night (June 19) in Los Angeles to celebrate the life of the slain rapper, who was fatally shot a day earlier after leaving a motorcycle shop in Florida. What started off as a candlelight vigil quickly descended into a widespread riot in L.A., leading police officers to shut down the event.

According to several videos from the event, the large crowd held up traffic, jumped on (and off) rooftops, and incited mosh pits as they mourned the death of XXXTentacion. ABC7 shared a photo of fans climbing onto the news outlet's vehicle; another video shows fans repeatedly chanting "Long Live X." 

While fans of the rapper continued to join in on the celebration, Geneva Ayala -- XXX's alleged abuse victim and ex-girlfriend -- claimed that fans didn't allow her to pay her respects to her former boyfriend.

"they kicked me out of the vigil. so damn disrespectful. i can’t believe people are that selfish. i wasn’t even there 25 minutes and i literally got pulled away from the memorial. i just wanted to stay. i wasn’t bothering anyone. this is unfair," she wrote on Instagram, under a photo of the gifts she brought to the memorial site. "i’m absolutely devastated. THEY BURNED THE SHIT I LEFT THEY BURNED WHAT I BROUGHT FOR HIM IM SO MAD LIKE IM SCREAMING." 

As fans continued to celebrate XXX's life, former collaborator PnB Rock, who worked on "Changes" off the fallen rapper's latest album ? received news that the song has been certified Platinum, and wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram about the making of the song. 

"Just found out me and bro went “Platinum” wit this record... it’s not even the same tho because i didn’t get a feelin of happiness when i heard but instead i just cried because we ain’t even get to share our moment together... So figured I’d share this video with y’all and share this moment with THE FANS & supporters ! to show y’all how we created it," he wrote. "he’s so musical man it was amazing working with this guy and his spirit was just unmatchable... this was my brother. he checked me when i did stupid shit & i truly miss him for so many other reasons. Ya name gon live forever bro #XXXTENTACION."

Check out what went down below.