Eric Bellinger & Ne-Yo Transform Into Dance Instructors in 'Dirty Dancing' Video: Watch

Eric Bellinger Neyo
 Shalynda McKenzie/Emmanuel Whajah

 Eric Bellinger and Neyo captured on set during the filming of "Dirty Dancing"

What do you get when you mash together two Grammy-winning hip-hop artists with dance backgrounds, an office setting in LA, and a lot of spandex? Eric Bellinger's latest single, “Dirty Dancing.”

The music video has Bellinger pretending to be a teacher with Ne-Yo as his assistant after a hot-box session. Somehow, the two of them turn the classroom into a dance floor, and hilarity ensues.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, the duo’s friendship is readily apparent. They joke with each other and the cast, making fun of the clearly ridiculous scenario and running with it. Bellinger loved the idea from the first time he heard it.

“During an old-school roundtable discussion with my production team, we came up with this concept. We knew the acting and dancing mixed with me and Ne-Yo’s actual chemistry and the added comical twist would be a big hit...I’m happy to say it came out better than I ever imagined!” says Bellinger.

Bellinger is currently making his way across the country on his Eazy Call album tour, continuing to produce new music along the way. Keep up with him here. Find behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below.