All the 'Degrassi' References in Drake's 'I'm Upset' Video

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Drake and Shane Kippel in the video for "I'm Upset"

The popular mid-aughts television drama Degrassi: The Next Generation is currently trending, and it's all thanks to "wheelchair Jimmy"-turned-rap superstar Drake. On Wednesday night, Drake surprise-dropped the visual for his latest Scorpion single, "I'm Upset," packed with cameos from Degrassi OGs, as the former drama series stars assembled at their stomping grounds of Degrassi Community School for their 10-year high school reunion.

Degrassi was lauded for its ability to explore touchy subjects, from rape to substance abuse and violence, throughout all 14 seasons. In the Karena Evans-directed visual, Drake took viewers down memory lane and made certain to remind us of the cult series' most important characters and storylines.

Check out all the Degrassi references from the I'm Upset" video below.

Terri recovered just fine.

In season 3 of Degrassi, a romantic relationship between Terri (Christina Schmidt) and Rick Murray (Ephraim Ellis) blossomed but quickly went sour when Terri realized Rick’s possessive and abusive (physically and verbally) ways. Rick eventually ends up shoving Terri, causing her to fall down and hit her head, and she ends up in a coma. While she recovered from her coma, Terri was reportedly sent away to a private school and that was the last we saw of her -- until Drake’s “I’m Upset” video.

Schmidt waltzes into the Degrassi Community School 10-year high school reunion with a wide grin plastered across her face and confident walk that would shut down everyone who ever body-shamed her.

#TeamHazel or #TeamAshley?

As Jimmy (Drake) and his onscreen best friend Spinner (Shane Kippel) walk toward the reunion, the “I’m Upset” lyric “I go out on tour and I say I'm drinkin' less/ End up gettin' loose and gettin' pictures from my ex” plays just as Jimmy’s ex-girlfriends Hazel (Andrea Lewis) and Ashley (Melissa McIntyre) arrive at the party. Jimmy and Ashley began dating in season 1 and broke up at the end of the season before getting back together in season 2; Hazel and Jimmy get together in season 3, but things end in season 5 when Jimmy takes an interest in “goth girl” Ellie (who also appears in the “I’m Upset” video).

Manny and Emma didn’t change one bit.

Manny (Cassie Steele) went through a drastic change in season 3, trading in her “cute” image for a sexier look (like the iconic thong scene) that would attract more guys, specifically Craig, who was one of Manny’s biggest crushes. After Manny abandons Emma (Miriam McDonald) at a party to hook up with Craig, the BFFs get into an argument, which leads to the end of their friendship (temporarily, of course). In Drake’s new visual, Manny is seen pushing up her bra to appear sexier, and unsurprisingly, Emma quickly fixes Manny’s shirt.

Jimmy seeks revenge on Rick.

One of the most heart-shattering moments on Degrassi, aside from J.T.’s untimely death, was the school shooting that left Rick dead and Jimmy paralyzed. When Rick returned to Degrassi in season 4, after his abuse of Terri, Jimmy and Spinner begin to bully him. After overhearing Spinner and Jay say that Jimmy played a part in the prank that made the whole school laugh at him, Rick returned to school with a gun and eventually shot Jimmy, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

However, Jimmy finally gets his revenge on Rick in the “I’m Upset” video when Rick is seen running through the hallways and ends up bumping into Drake’s real-life friends, who end up chasing Rick through the halls. Ironically, Rick runs past a poster on the wall that reads “It’s Time to Show Your School Spirit” with the word “time” in bold -- possibly hinting at the title of the episode in which Jimmy gets shot, “Time Stands Still.”

Spinner has a bit too much to drink.

In the “I’m Upset” video, Spinner bursts through the bathroom doors, barely able to keep himself from vomiting. The scene is possibly a reference to when Spinner was diagnosed with testicular cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and vomited in the classroom.

A perfect night ends in disaster.

If you recall, in the season 3 finale of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Jimmy rented a limo for him and his friends to attend the school’s end-of-year dance. Jimmy, Hazel, Spinner and Paige show up at the school dance only to find the school in flames. And Drake’s perfect high school reunion in “I’m Upset” ends abruptly after the school gym catches on fire.

View Drake's nostalgic "I'm Upset" video below:


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