J French Pays Homage to Tupac Shakur in New 'God Given' Lyric Video: Premiere

J French
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J French

Tupac's spirit still lives within the next generation of MCs even two decades after his passing. Pac's influence transcended regional borders and made its way into the home of Oklahoma City native J French.

On what would have been Shakur's 47th birthday, the rapper pays homage to his fallen hero with a "God Given" lyric video dedicated to the All Eyez On Me artist.

"I decided to do a tribute to Tupac because I've always been inspired by him since I was a child, and felt I've shared the same struggle when it comes social progression," French tells Billboard. "His birthday is two days before mine, and he is a Gemini just like me. I hear his voice and feel like I'm listening to myself speak sometimes."

The motivational clip opens with Pac's classic interview with MTV in 1994 where he boldly states that he "will spark the brain that will change the world." Lyrics from J French's "God Given," a track off his sophomore album, 2017's OGB, then flood the middle of the screen featuring cuts from popular Tupac videos such as "Brenda's Got a Baby" and "Hit Em Up."

In a letter to the late rapper that accompanies the video, French opens up about the impact Shakur has had on him, writing that he wants to "inspire people to think higher and not be mentally enslaved."

Check out J French's tribute to Tupac with the "God Given" lyric video below, and keep scrolling to read his letter to Tupac in full.

Courtesy of J French.
Rapper J French pens an open letter to the late Tupac Shakur on what would've been his 47th birthday (June 16).