Talib Kweli Denies 'Bogus' Sexual Harassment Allegations in New Statement

Talib Kweli
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for UNDP 

Talib Kweli is seen backstage during Pathway To Paris Concert For Climate Action at Carnegie Hall on Nov. 5, 2017 in New York City.

Philadelphia singer Res accused her former label head, Talib Kweli, of sexual harassment in a series of tweets last week and claimed that he withheld her music for years because she didn't reciprocate his advances. Following a heated Twitter exchange, Kweli issued a statement on Tuesday (June 5) denying Res' sexual harassment allegations. 

According to Kweli, Res was contractually obligated to deliver a 12-track album titled Reset following her 2013 album Refried Mac but never presented a full album to Kweli or his label, Javotti Media.

"Res was dropped from my label Javotti Media in 2013 for disrespecting my employees and for failing to turn in an album I invested in. I am not holding her music because she never turned any music in, at all. In early 2014 Res started an IndieGogo campaign and sent a song featuring my vocals to fans without my permission as a reward," Kweli said in the statement. "I asked her to stop using my verse, and she refused, so I sued her. Res then countersued saying that I sexually harassed her. I find her claim to be dubious in nature. Bogus."

Kweli added that the court had already dismissed three claims Res made against the rapper a little over a year ago. "Res has not accepted this outcome, so she is using smear tactics," he continued. "Recently, she fired her lawyer in the other case, the one where she profited off of my music without my permission. So, now she is trying to use the #metoo movement to bully me into dropping my lawsuit against her. I fully and categorically deny any allegation of sexual harassment.”

In Res' tweets, she accused Kweli of trying to sleep with several other artists. "Jesus do you know how many women you tried to have sex with to put them on and they said NO and were are they now @TalibKweli," she wrote. "Let’s talk i been silent for four years I shall not be bullied no more keep the music I still have my voice."