Saweetie & Kehlani Share Lavish 'ICY GIRL (Bae Mix)' Visual: Watch

Saweetie kehlani ICY GRL
Courtesy Photo

Saweetie featuring Kehlani, "ICY GRL [Bae Mix]"

Earlier in April, Saweetie nabbed fellow Oakland native Kehlani for the "ICY GIRL (Bae Mix)," replete with slick bars about the ladies' luxe lifestyles. Now, the two fierce ladies have teamed up once again, this time for the accompanying visual where they show viewers what it's like to live in the lap of luxury. 

The visual begins with Saweetie overlooking the Hollywood Hills from her mansion before we enter an intimate poker game, hosted by Kehlani. "Can't stop, ain't stop, too hot/Came out like the daughter of Aaliyah and 2Pac/And I pop from the jump, ain't nobody too shocked/And I'm out collectin' Rollies, you save up for G-Shocks," 'Lani raps with a stack of cash in hand. 

Saweetie, dressed in dazzling earrings and satin gloves, picks up where Lani left off and raps about staying one step ahead. "See, I went to USC and got my college degree," she raps in front of a fire red Porche. "That means I'm smarter than these n----s, can't get over on me/And then I went into Miami, saw some new property/Put a down payment on condo with a view of South Beach."

The Khia-sampling cut is featured on Saweetie's EP HIgh Maintenance, released back in March. 

Watch the full "ICY GIRL (Bae Mix) video below.