Wale Surprise-Drops New EP 'Self Promotion': Stream It Now

Maya Darasaw


Wale is back on his grind.

On Monday night, Wale wiped his Instagram clean, only leaving a short video with the caption, "If you rock wit me .. tell somebody! I been grindin grindin grindin." Hours later, fans were gifted a surprise, four-track EP titled Self Promotion. 

"Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, I get it. But I think that sarcasm gotta be our greatest weapon," he said in the video. He then presented the question "What travels and captivates quicker, compliment or an insult?" -- and walked away as an unreleased song played in the background.

Self Promotion includes "Negotiations," which Wale shared back in April, as well as a freestyle and one feature from DJ Money on "Cassius." Wale's new EP comes just months after he released It's Complicated in March. In February, Wale and Atlantic Records officially cut ties.

Stream Wale's new EP Self Promotion below.