Kanye West Hangs Out With Right Wing Commentators Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens

Kanye West
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for LACMA

 Kayne West attends LACMA Director's Conversation With Steve McQueen, Kanye West, And Michael Govan About "All Day/I Feel Like That"  presented by NeueHouse in association with UTA Fine Arts at LACMA on July 24, 2015 in Los Angeles.

In case you harbor any lingering doubts that Kanye West is serious about this whole palling around with arch-Republicans thing, below you’ll find a photo of him standing with Candace Owens (the conservative commentator who he praised last week after she criticized Black Lives Matter activists for complaining too much) and Charlie Kirk (the Trump-loving babyfaced 23-year-old whose highest purpose in life is to make tax cuts for billionaires seem cool to people who are also into Jake Paul). Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA, an organization aimed at getting college campuses interested in conservative and Trumpist politics, and Owens is its communications director.

The meeting of the minds happened while Kanye visited the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and was first noted in a now-deleted tweet by the stans at Team Kanye Daily. (The Instagram post by a SCIA student that Team Kanye was evidently pulling from has also been deleted.) The trio may have been trying to keep their summit private, as none of them immediately posted about it on their own social media accounts. But Republicans have naturally been unable to suppress their glee, including, for instance, Donald Trump Jr. (Kirk has since tweeted the photo himself with the very cool caption “Free thinkers only.”)

Kanye keeps talking about how his new philosophy is to love everyone, and evidently that includes representatives of an organization with a strong track record of hiring open racists. He is clearly now the kind of rich person who has become so isolated from the concerns of normal humans that he’s forgotten what it’s like to have a legitimate grievance against a person or idea. There’s really nothing more to say about it, so we’ll close by quoting from a new song by the man himself: “Poopity scoop, scoopdity woop, woopty scoopty poop.”

This story originally appeared in Spin