'Unsolved': Tupac Dies After Vegas Shooting, Detective Poole Receives Pushback on His Biggie Murder Theories in Episode 8

Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

Bokeem Woodbine, Amin Joseph and Josh Duhamel on Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

Episode 8 of Unsolved, titled Tupac Amaru Shakur opens in 1996, the night Tupac was shot in Las Vegas. Tupac’s mother Afeni quickly rushes from the house Pac bought her to the hospital, where he is in critical condition. However, she remains faithful and hopeful that Tupac will survive thanks to her unwavering spirit even though she is later told that Pac will need to have his right lung surgically removed in order to stop internal bleeding. Of course, the surgery turns out to be unsuccessful and Pac tragically passes away.

There is a brief 1991 flashback that shows Tupac getting beat up and thrown in jail for simply jaywalking, the incident showing how much of that strong, revolutionary spirit Tupac has absorbed from his beloved Afeni. Speaking to fellow black inmates, he claims, “America eats its young -- especially young black men -- and we need to change that.” Another flashback to when Tupac was just a kid dives even deeper into the bond he had with Afeni. As hard times appear to plague the Shakur family, Afeni reminds Tupac about the emperor he was named after: “He was a leader, a symbol of resistance, no matter the instance, nothing could break him.”

The episode pivots forward to 2008 where detective Greg Kading is forced to present his task force findings to the LAPD chief of police. Since making serious traction with Southside Crip Keefe D, Kading presents the details of the Tupac murder and how that relates to Biggie’s similar case. With Keefe firmly in their corner, Kading concludes that the task force needs to head to New York City in an attempt to flip the Crip that helped in the Pac murder and close Puffy cohort Eric “Zip” Martin (Garland Whitt). The other half of the task force stays in L.A. and decides to start doing some digging on Suge Knight’s recent maneuvers.

Back in 1998, the now-unemployed Russell Poole faces the pushback from his controversial Biggie murder theory story he placed in the LA Times both from the LAPD and the writer who penned the story. Poole urges the LA Times to publish another article doubling down on the claims he made but without and rock solid evidence the Times can’t risk getting into a war of words with the almighty LAPD. Poole then dives back into his case files in attempts to acquire the cold hard evidence needed to prove both his case and his name. A 2002 flash-forward shows Poole meeting with Voletta Wallace and informing her that he’s helped write a book detailing Biggie’s murder and he feels he knows those responsible.

Meanwhile, digging in and around Suge’s recent hustles leads the 2008 task force to find and question informant Percy Locke (Amin Joseph). Said informant claims that Suge is now trafficking drugs from Mexico to California thanks to a particular truck driver and Blood affiliate Alonso “Zo” Scott (Brennan Feonix). When Kading and Dupree move in and question the big rig driver, he turns out clean with no evidence supporting his helping hand in Suge’s alleged drug ring. Although it’s learned shortly after that informant Percy Locke had changed his name from Amir Muhammed more than 10 years prior. Strangely enough, Amir Muhammed was the name of detective Poole’s 1997 proposed Biggie shooter.