Bernie Sanders Quotes Noted Economist on Strengthening Social Security: 'Cardi B is Right'

If you're still somehow on the fence about whether this is Cardi B's time we're living in, check this out: The unstoppable "Bodak Yellow" MC -- who just baby-bumped it up at the first weekend of Coachella in the wake of the universal praise for her recently released debut, Invasion of Privacy -- was also just quoted by a former presidential candidate on fiscal policy.

Yup, in one of the weirdest hip-hop/politics cross-overs since Kid Rock pretended to run for Senate in Michigan last year, former democratic presidential candidate and notoriously lovable crank Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders gave Cardi's policy points on saving Social Security a shout out in a tweet on Wednesday morning (Apr. 18).

He wrote, "Cardi B is right. If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve." 

Sanders was referring to a recent GQ interview in which the Bronx MC gave her thoughts on fixing the nation's broken social safety net.

The shout out to FDR came in a section of the magazine interview in which the avowed political science junkie weighed in on all manner of Washington knowledge. "I love government. I'm obsessed with presidents. I'm obsessed to know how the system works," Cardi said, noting that No. 32 helped pull the national out of the Great Depression from his wheelchair while suffering form polio. "Yet all he was worried about was trying to make America great -- make America great again for real. He's the real 'Make America Great Again,' because if it wasn't for him, old people wouldn't even get Social Security."

Boom. Cardi said it. Sorry Kanye, but Cardi 2020?