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Jason Sudeikis & Ice Cube Hang on 'Corden,' 30 Years After N.W.A. Landed the Actor in Detention

Terence Patrick/CBS
Ice Cube and Jason Sudeikis on The Late Late Show with James Corden on April 17, 2018 on the CBS Television Network. 

James Corden may have stumbled on the next great on-screen odd couple. On Tuesday night's (Apr. 17) Late Late Show, he welcomed Big 3 league boss and rap legend Ice Cube and Kodachrome star Jason Sudeikis to the couch and the unlikely pair easily bonded over embarrassing high school stories and their mutual feelings of "nope" for the host's super corny nautical-themed game show.

Sudeikis got the mutual admiration started when he revealed that as a huge N.W.A. fan in his youth and first got onto the pioneering rap crew when he scored the Straight Outta Compton cassette from a friend's older brother. "That was a big deal. I'm from Kansas. So when Compton was brought to our doorstep that was thrilling," said Sudeikis about the legendary rap group's smash 1988 debut. In fact, the actor loved the album so much he would write out all the lyrics by hand, color-coding each MC's verses.

In sixth grade, Sudeikis copied down the words to "Gangsta Gangsta" -- busting out a few lyrics for Corden -- brought his cheat sheet to class and, of course, got busted by his teacher, who angirly confiscated the note. Needless to say, MC Jace ended up in the principal's office, where a detention was handed out after the administrator thought the lyrics were Jason's disturbingly original poetry. "That's a beautiful story," beamed Cube. 

The rapper shared his own memory from his school daze, revealing to Corden that his mom made him take his ex-girlfriend to prom to teach him a lesson. "That sucked," he said. "The lesson is don't break up with your girlfriend three days before the prom. Because she had already bought her dress." 

Perhaps the highlight of the night, though, was when Corden seriously misread Cube and Sudeikis' interest in sailing and forced them to play his unnecessarily elaborate boat-themed game show, "Ships Ahoy." Spoiler alert: Cube was not having it. Check out the waterlogged results below.