'Atlanta' Episode 7 Recap: The Search for Drake Continues

Guy D'Alema/FX

Zazie Beetz as Van in Atlanta. 

Donald Glover's Atlanta series takes another turn in episode 7, which happens to be named "Champagne Papi" after one of Drake's many aliases. The show's latest installment finds Van (Zazie Beetz) and a group of girlfriends on the manhunt for the 6 God as they attend what they thought was a New Year's Eve mansion party hosted by Drizzy himself. The Robbin' Season continues to show us the disconnect between perception and reality in today's society.

Van stars as the focus of another episode. The opening scene finds her along with some friends pregaming for what was planned to be an epic night out. The conversation begins with each exposing their own contraceptive methods against having children. Van voices displeasure with how bland and repetitive her Instagram account is. "I need a photo with Drake because my Instagram is weak as fuck," she quips.

The crew makes their way to a black van in an open parking lot. After Van's pompous friend Candice drops off a special numerical code to the driver, the doors to the Sprinter open and the voyage to the secret location starts. Upon arrival, the group is greeted by security, who commands everyone a specific set of instructions. One woman attempts to get into Drake's party with a fake signature of his on a piece of paper, to no avail. She is forcibly removed by security and while being carried off the property, you can hear her belting the Toronto native's "Best I Ever Had" lyrics.

Van and each of her friends ingest drug-filled gummies to take their night to the next level. Candice finds her love interest for the night and ditches the squad, as they begin to split up and explore different areas of the mansion in hopes of securing the elusive selfie with Drake. Atlanta continues to provoke feelings of uneasiness in the audience with various tricks. This time, a creepy partygoer, Brandon, begins following Van around the party and gets a little too close for comfort, attempting to satisfy her every need. 

After evading Brandon by sending him off on some errands, Van continues her pursuit of Drake, entering a bedroom calling his name. She goes on to test his pleasant fragrances and even puts on his green bomber jacket while humming one of his songs. Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) somehow injects himself into the storyline when he gets into a deep conversation with Van's very high friend, Nadine, about how life is one huge simulation as someone is pulling the strings on all of our actions.

Van gets lost in the depths of the mansion and finds a man speaking Spanish trying to fix a broken television. She goes on to figure out that the man is actually Drake's grandfather. While scoping out the room, she also stumbles upon a calendar that reveals Drizzy is touring in Europe and not at the house party. Everyone's been duped.

The scene pivots to the 26-year-old actress finding a room where people are selling $20 selfies with a cardboard imitation of the Champagne Papi. She continues to realize how much of a scam the party actually is and reminisces about earlier hours when people were posting selfies with that same cutout she thought was the superstar artist.

Reality sets in that the New Year's Eve party is just a hustle and she rounds up her crew along with Darius as they begin walking home on the side of the road with the sun already shining brightly. "Drake's Mexican," Van abruptly claims, snapping out of a funk. The Spanish version of "Hotline Bling" begins immediately playing to close out the episode.


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