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Lil Pump Flexes On Everyone With a Truck Full of Money In Trippy 'ESSKEETIT' Music Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo

Lil Pump unveiled his bouncy, self-produced new single "ESSKEETIT" today (April 12), along with its video that had originally been reported stolen from Pump on Monday.

The video is as colorful and eccentric as Pump himself, with the rapper tackling the track's opening verse as a tornado of money flows out the back of an armored truck and whirls around him. As he dives into the hook, the video jumps to Pump in a winter wonderland, surrounded by snow, scantily clad women, and wolves as he raps in a furry purple vest that matches his dreads.

"Poppin on X, Poppin on a new car, got a new b----," he raps as he jumps on top of his brand new Rolls Royce, smashing in its rear mirror just to demonstrate his recklessness. As if there wasn't enough outlandish happenings in the video, it also features an old woman snorting lines and a vivacious game of strip poker -- because why not?

Check out the trippy music video below: