'Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.' Episode 7 Recap

Unsolved biggie tupac
Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

 Marcc Rose as Tupac Shakur and Dominic Santana as Suge Knight in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

Episode 7 of Unsolved starts out with a glimpse into the now unwavering bond between Tupac and Suge Knight as well as Biggie and Puff. While Biggie and Puff try to keep the peace and stick together in the time of growing hip-hop turmoil, continuously questioning why Pac would act so irrationally, Suge and Pac himself malevolently batten down the hatches for what seems to be an impending East vs. West war. The confrontation hits an apex outside of the 1996 Soul Train Awards where Bad Boy and Death Row engage in a pseudo-standoff where voices are raised, pistols are pulled, luckily not fired but any potential reconciliation between Biggie and Tupac seems completely unimaginable. 

Fast forward to 2007, when Greg Kading and his task force appear to be making some serious moves on arresting known Southside Crip Keefe D on drug dealing charges. They plan to offer him a lighter prison sentence in order to get Keefe to share information on Biggie’s murder. With some quick thinking from key members of the task force and a heart-pounding undercover drug deal, the task force is able to arrest Keefe for selling gallons of PCP. 

The Biggie investigation of 1998, however, isn’t doing so hot. Detective Poole’s frustrated and sneaky attempt at going over the heads of the LAPD and straight to the District Attorney completely backfired and he gets ultimately shunned from the force. Poole, obviously distraught and exasperated with the LAPD’s negligence in the Biggie case, has a heart-to-heart conversation with detective Tyndall who comforts Poole, assuring him that his intent was righteous.

The juiciest and most eye-opening sequence of events in the entire series so far unfolds when Keefe D agrees to disclose what he knows about Biggie and Tupac’s murders in return of course for a potentially reduced federal prison sentence. To Kading’s dismay, Keefe claims he has no details about Biggie's death -- the Tupac murder, on the other hand, he was directly involved.

Keefe starts his story by claiming Puff inexplicitly requested for Suge and Tupac to be killed in exchange for a million dollars after the Soul Train Awards altercation has him visibly shook. Keefe and the Crips kept this in mind while in Las Vegas for the Mike Tyson fight – especially when fellow Southside Crip Orlando Anderson got jumped by Pac and Death Row earlier that night. Keefe and his band of Crips cruise the Vegas strip strapped with a loaded pistol on the lookout for Suge and Pac until they finally see their car pulling up to a red light. Keefe and the Crips pull up, Orlando unloads the pistol into Suge and Pac’s car and they speed away.

The episode closes back in 1998 with detective Poole arriving at his tipping point, bringing all he knows about the Biggie murder to the LA Times for all to read. His reasoning for going on public record with his findings is as simple as it is shocking – the LAPD is running an elaborate cover-up.