Nicki Minaj Posts New 'Chun Li' and 'Barbie Tingz' Teasers

Nicki Minaj has stayed off social media for most of the year save for one cryptic Twitter countdown, but she's broken her silence to share two new titles -- and a potential drop date, too.

With two tweets, Minaj offered up artwork, names and Thursday (April 12) as the date for -- well, what, exactly, we're not entirely sure, but we'll find out what "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun Li" are all about shortly.

The first visual, for "Barbie Tingz," has the rapper dripping with jewels and donning a ball gown that could've been ripped from Marie Antoinette's closet. She's in the company of a similarly clad entourage, but they're sporting creepy masks instead of her heavy neckwear.

The second, for "Chun Li," is a straightforward portrait: It's just Minaj in her Fendi finest, and her twisted twin hair buns throw to the Street Fighter character the title invokes.

Check out the photos below.