Sabrina Claudio Apologizes for 'Past Ignorance' Following Social Media Backlash Over Use of 'Insensitive Words'

Sabrina Claudio
Kanya Iwana

Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio went viral for all the wrong reasons this week, after fans uncovered an old Twitter account from the singer, who made comments using the n-word. On Tuesday (April 10), Claudio hopped on Twitter to issue an apology to fans for her "past ignorance."

"I am deeply sorry for the insensitive words I’ve used,” she wrote on Twitter. “Some of the things you are seeing are true while others aren’t." 

The tweets in question came from Claudio's old Twitter account called @ODamnYourUgly, and fans posted screenshots of comments Claudio made on the account using the n-word, as well as a comment made recently on Instagram in which she allegedly referred to a fan as a "sweaty chonga." While she admitted her wrongdoings, she didn't specify which of the comments were true or false.

She continued in the letter, "I realize my past ignorance is affecting people I care so much about and I am so sorry. I've made mistakes and while I cannot take them back, I will learn from them."

The news comes on the heels of Claudio's newest single release, "Don't Let Me Down" featuring Khalid

View Sabrina Claudio's statement below.