Cardi B on 'Saturday Night Live': 5 Things We Want to See

Chadwick Boseman saturday night live
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Cardi B, Chadwick Boseman and Leslie Jones in a promo for Saturday Night Live. 

Fresh off the release of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B will check off another feat when she makes her Saturday Night Live debut alongside Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman on April 7.

Pairing Cardi with host Boseman for SNL was a fitting choice, as both stars have had a major 2018 so far. Boseman's Black Panther film has shattered several box office records and Cardi is holding on to her reign at top of charts with hit singles like "Finesse (Remix)" and now-platinum "Bartier Cardi," featuring 21 Savage. What's more, Cardi's debut album was already gold certified before it was even released, fueled largely by the success of her breakout banger "Bodak Yellow."

While the "Be Careful" rapper will serve as the musical guest on SNL, she's built a career around her natural humor and a skit would be the perfect place for her to flex her comedic chops. 

Here are 5 things we want to see from Cardi B on Saturday Night Live.

Cardi takes a trip to Wakanda 

The biggest film of 2018 so far is easily the Chadwick Boseman-starring Black Panther superhero film -- and with Boseman hosting Saturday Night Live, it's safe to assume a few film references will be peppered throughout the hour-long episode. In the duo's SNL promo clip, Cardi could barely contain her excitement to appear on SNL with Boseman, shouting "We're going to Wakanda," the fictional African country from Black Panther. She jokes that the "B" in her name stands for "Boseman" and later calls the actor "Black Panther." It'd be interesting to see Cardi introduce her very own Wakandan character.


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Pregnancy announcement?

Aside from her highly-anticipated debut album, the other talk of the town surrounding Cardi has been about her rumored pregnancy. In February, TMZ reported that someone from Cardi's camp told reporters over Super Bowl weekend that the rapper was about "three to four months pregnant." Cardi has addressed the rumor before, telling fans that she's "just getting fat" but in a new interview with Ebro Darden for Beats 1, Cardi doesn't completely deny the rumor. 

"Certain things about me have to be private," she told Darden. "You can not invade my privacy, I'm not a damn animal at the zoo where you just could see everything. No!" People will just find out more. If it arrive or if it don't arrive then you gonna know what the f--k is going on."

Whether she confirms her pregnancy or not, all eyes will certainly be on Cardi (and her tummy) during her Saturday Night Live performance.

Special guests 

Invasion of Privacy is brimming with guest features from artists across genres. Cardi tapped Chance the Rapper, YGSZA, and Kehlani, as well as Latin artists Bad Bunny and J Balvin for the album. With a star-studded offering like Invasion of Privacy, extending an invite to any of the album's guest features could help boost album sales even more and give Cardi a new crop of Hot 100 hits to add to her growing collection.

Head-turning fashion moment

Cardi is known for her boisterous rhymes just as much as she's loved for her eclectic sartorial taste. "Boujee, bad and thick/ I could buy designer/ But this Fashion Nova fit," she raps on the YG-assisted "She Bad." Fashion Nova has become a staple in the rapper's wardrobe, along with her Christian Louboutins ("bloody shoes") and the other high-end designers nestled in her closet. In a recent interview with Beats 1's Darden, Cardi revealed she's working on an affordable collection with the popular Instagram retailer, which is set to debut this fall. 

"Fashion Nova is big," she said. "I know a lot of people can’t afford expensive-ass shit, not everybody has $400, $500 for a damn shirt or a sweatshirt. So everything is gonna be affordable. I want people to look good and high end with a good budget price. That’s the perfect opportunity.” 

Cardi's line with Fashion Nova seems to still be in its nascent stage so it may be too early for her to preview the collection during her performance on SNL. However, whatever she chooses to wear tonight, it's likely to be just as memorable as her past late-night show outfits.

A skit about her signature catchphrases 

Not only has Cardi coined the term "bloody shoes" but a number of the rapper's signature catchphrases ("Okurrr," "Money Moves," "Washpoppin," etc.) have crept into our daily vernacular and there's certainly more to come. To coincide with the release of her album, Cardi teamed up with Spotify for a hilarious commercial, in which she played a music instructor and taught her students how to sing her trademark sounds before launching into "Get Up 10." Could we get a part two tonight? Stay tuned!

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