Eminem Escapes From an Asylum in Twisted Visual for 'Framed': Watch

Eminem Framed
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Eminem, "Framed"

After teasing fans with a short trailer last week, Eminem returned on Tuesday (April 3) to unveil the full version of the twisted visual for his horror-themed Revival cut "Framed."

At the beginning of the visual, a news reporter named Stan Dresden informs viewers that Eminem has escaped an asylum. While Em is watching the report from his living room, the news team and detectives are camped outside out his home waiting to make a move. Em takes on the role of a psychotic serial killer with multiple personalities (Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, Eminem, etc.) who believes he's being framed for a string of murders because he has no recollection of all the wrongdoings his alter ego Slim Shady has done. 

The rapper's multiple personalities are seen throughout the visual, which is set in places like a dark woods, asylum hallway and a blood-splattered living room where Em is accompanied by two dead bodies and multiple drawings. Despite repeatedly declaring his innocence, Em is finally caught as a detective enters his home to talk to him about his recent killing sprees. The detective calms the rapper down by using hypnosis and in the closing scene, Em is back in an asylum and begins to hallucinate before he's injected with an unknown substance and taken away.

The "Framed" visual follows Eminem's previously released videos for Revival tracks "River" featuring Ed Sheeran and the Beyonce-assisted "Walk On Water." 

Watch the visual for "Framed" below.