Eminem Trolls Fans With M&M's Collaboration on April Fools' Day

Samir Hussein/Getty Images
Eminem headlines the V Stage on day 2 of the V Festival at Hylands Park on Aug. 21, 2011 in Chelmsford, England. 

Eminem has been known to troll his fans from time to time over the course of his career. On Sunday (April 1), Shady decided to partake in the April Fools' Day festivities by teasing his followers with an announcement of an anticipated partnership deal with M&M's. 

"Been looking forward to this collab for some time," he shrewdly captioned in a photo featuring an assortment of white M&M chocolates donning the signature "E" logo the Detroit native has become synonymous with. "Em & M's! White chocolate- in stores now! #candyshop#fackingdelicious."

It's puzzling that two of the top brands in their respective industries never came together for a fruitful collaboration, which would have made a ton of sense for both parties involved. Fans have had fun with the idea in the past, crafting commercial-like videos of M&M's with Slim Shady tunes booming in the background. They have even gone as far as creating a real-life portrait of Em made out of straight M&M chocolates. 

Let's see if this alleged partnership is part of a bigger play for a future music release from the Revival artist. Last week (March 28), Eminem teased his upcoming video to "Framed." 

Check out the Instagram post of what Em &M's could potentially look like below.