Miami Marlins Announce New Anthem 'Just Gettin' Started' With DJ Khaled, Nicky Jam, Poo Bear & Kent Jones: Exclusive

Poo Bear and Jingle jared
The Joelson’s 

Poo Bear and Jingle Jared

Miami sports fans have another reason to be excited for the Marlins' upcoming Opening Day (Mar 29). A new team anthem, "Just Gettin' Started," will be performed and released at during their season opener.

Produced by Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, “Jingle” Jared  Gutstadt, and Sasha Sirotkin, the majestic record features appearances from star performers DJ Khaled, Nicky Jam and Kent Jones.

Optimistic about a recent change in management and rebranding, retired veteran baseball player and current Marlins ceo Derek Jeter,  along with Jared Gutstadt (cco and president of music publishing and licensing company Jingle Punks) and Jason Latimer (vp of communications and outreach for the Marlins), spoke to Billboard over the phone at length about how the song came together and what it will mean to fans. 

“Initially, I was brainstorming with Jaymee Messler -- who’s with the Players Tribune -- and we were thinking about doing something different here in Miami, and really doing something that was reflective of the Miami culture," Jeter explains "We had an opportunity to meet with Jared and Jingle Punks and Poo, and we just started brainstorming. I let them know as an ownership group, we're just getting started here in Miami, and we wanted to do something special for the fan base. Fortunately for us, they were able to come up with a great anthem.”

"One of the big areas we've been seeing the intersection of music and culture is in the world of sports," adds Gutstadt, the brains behind commissioning the song and bringing in Poo Bear to be a part of the project. "And when we got introduced to Derek, it was exciting, because it really was like working with a brand new startup team."

As a highly in-demand writer and producer who has created hits for the likes of Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, and Fifth Harmony, Poo Bear notes in a statement sent to Billboard his intrigue with taking on the project for a team that was "starting over from scratch." "I love challenges and creating an anthem for a baseball team that has been criticized and knocked down over and over again sounded like a real job for me, Jared and Sasha," he relates, also calling the process of creating the anthem "exhilarating and fun!" 

In the past, "Jingle" Jared has worked with Poo Bear on smaller sports-related projects, but never on such a grand scale. "This has always been a dream that we verbalized years ago, when we started working together -- that we always wanted to write an anthem for a city, for a team, and for a stadium," Jared says. "Music comes and goes, and hits are forever, but something about going to a sporting event and having a song embedded in a culture of a team is [something we] always really dreamed about doing."

He adds of the "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity: "It's not that often that a team is really doing a reboot to this degree, and you get a chance to have a seat at the table."

Jared also expresses excitement at the appearance of multi-platform star DJ Khaled on the song, raving: "He's huge not only nationally but also to Miami. Miami means a great deal to him so to have him actually come here and perform before opening day is something I think our fan base will be extremely excited about."

When asked what he would like fans to take away from Opening Day, Jeter proclaims, "We want them to take away having a great experience. One thing we are focused on here is the fan experience. And you know sometimes people come to Baseball games and don't necessarily remember who played, but they remember they had a great time." He concludes by saying, "Miami is a party city. People enjoy themselves and an opening day is an event. We're making this an event."

"Just Gettin' Started" will be available on Mar 29 on all digital music providers and will be performed on Opening Day by DJ Khaled with special guest Poo Bear.