Drake Helps Crush Twitch Viewer Record During Epic Fortnite Session with Ninja

Travis Scott also got in on the action.

Drake loves watching people play the online survival game Fortnite. Specifically, he's obsessed with Tyler "Ninja" Blevis, 26, a Twitch streamer whose profile has blown up over the past month as hundreds of thousands have tuned in to watch him every day. On Wednesday night (March 14), Drizzy was one of them and together the two set a major record with their virtual collabo.

According to Kotaku, a week after Drake started following Ninja on Insta, the pair teamed up last night for a game and together they set a new record for the most concurrent viewers on a single stream for the service at more than 600,000. The gaming site reported that "after some initial communications issues, and some adorable fan freakout from Ninja’s wife, viewers were able to tune in to see Ninja playing while Drake was on voice comms via Discord (the pair were separated by platforms, with Ninja on PC and Drake on PS4)."

The viewer count grew from 200,000 when the two first began working together, then jumped to 400,000 a half-hour later and after Drake tweeted a link to his 36.7 million followers it went off the charts.

Just before 2 a.m. the stream had leaped to 607,000 and Kotaku reported that at one point Megaupload founder and internet fugitive Kim Dotcom joined the stream, and around 6 a.m. Travis Scott and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster had jumped into the virtual 100-man battle-royale fight.

The event, of course, also inspired tons of memes, and one very funny tweet from Chrissy Tiegen.