Iggy Azalea Says She's Done Dating Rappers in New Episode of 'Hollywood Medium': Exclusive

Iggy Azalea may be in search of a "Savior," but that won't come in the form of a rapper anymore. During Wednesday's (March 14) episode teaser of Tyler Henry's Hollywood Medium, the 27-year-old made it clear she's done dating hip-hop artists for the near future. "I thought I had it all figured out. Am I going to be 35 and not have met anyone," she nervously questioned.

The 22-year-old clairvoyant warned Iggy about being careful when dating in the industry, advice she seems to have implemented in advance. "I already know not to talk to any rappers," she playfully admitted. "I know how we are. It just won't work and I know that. There's only enough room for one rapper per relationship and I'm taking that all up. It would be too ridiculous. I need balance in my life. I don't know how I would have any if they did the same thing as me. No thank you," she concluded.

The Australia native even admitted to burning her ex-boyfriend's clothes in the past to extract revenge, while answering fans' questions for VEVO's "Dear Iggy Azalea" video series last week (March 9).

Azalea teased the forthcoming episode in a revealing Instagram post on Monday (March 12), "Tyler!!!! I miss you, I hope you’re good, I’m thinking of you & I can’t wait for my episode of Hollywood Medium this Wednesday -- (ps. my grandpa is doing much better!)," she wrote.

After a tumultuous 2017, the "Fancy" artist is looking to repair her image and the Quavo-assisted "Savior" is definitely a step in the right direction, as the track has picked up serious momentum. With that said, fans are still chomping at the bit to finally get a release date on her highly anticipated, frequently delayed sophomore effort, Surviving The Summer.

Check out the clip of Iggy Azalea's upcoming appearance (March 14) on Hollywood Medium below. Catch the brand new season three episode in its entirety on E! at 9 P.M. EST Wednesday night.