Jim Jones Salutes 'New Jack City' in 'Wasted Talent' Album Trailer With Cam'ron: Exclusive

Jim Jones Commercial
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Jim Jones Commercial

After recently reuniting with his Dipset brothers and settling his feud with Cam'ron, Jim Jones is diverting his attention back to solo work, starting with his upcoming album Wasted Talent. On Wednesday (March 7), Jones unveiled the full commercial for his forthcoming project where he pays tribute to a classic '90s street film New Jack City.

The commercial opens up with Jim Jones and Cam'ron playing basketball just as aggressive as Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) and Gee Money (Allen Payne) did in the original film. An unknown man makes his way to the St. Nicholas Park basketball court where Jones and Cam'ron are playing, but Cam isn't too fond of the new guy and tells Jones to search him.

After the scene ends, Jones heads back onto the court as Drake's "Diplomatic Immunity" -- saluting Dipset's 2003 album of the same name -- plays. Freestyling over Drizzy's version, Jones raps about Harlem street life. "Few made it out but I only recall a handful/ Most got knocked and turned to T-shirts and candles/ War zone where bodies pop up dead/ Big difference from the cops and the feds," he raps. 

Jones' Wasted Talent is slated for release on Friday. Last week, he previewed his latest track from the project, "Way the Game Go" featuring YFN Lucci. 

Watch the full commercial for Jim Jones' Wasted Talent below: