NCT Dream Show Their Rebellious Side With 'Go' Music Video: Watch

NCT, Dream 'Go'
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NCT, Dream 'Go'

Gone are the innocent days of “Chewing Gum” and “We Young” for Korean boy band NCT Dream. With the release of their latest song and music video, the teenage NCT team wants the world to know that its members are ready to change their ways (as member Mark says at the track's start) and just "Go."

Released on Sunday (March 4), NCT Dream shifted away from the youthful leanings of their earlier songs and let loose to show off a more defiant attitude through the electronic bombast of “Go.” With a chanting chorus and thumping bass driving the septet’s dramatized delivery of the verses and raps, the single is a riotous show of force from the youngest members of SM Entertainment’s NCT 2018 project, and one that emphasizes their growth as performers through mellifluous ad libs and forceful raps. 

Just as the music shifts NCT Dream away from their earlier bright style, so too does the music video for “Go,” which moves the group even further away from their playful side and turns them into straight-up players. Blacklight and day-glo hues fill the video, which shows the members of NCT Dream stirring up trouble and reveling in their youth through the streets of Los Angeles. The song's various tempos and rhythms serve as a forum for a powerful dance performance from the Dream members, including a fist-waving movement that recalls those featured both in “We Young” and “Boss.” The video ends after the group has had its fun, popping wheelies on bikes and partying it up.

The third part of NCT’s ongoing release series following last month’s “Boss” and “Baby Don’t Stop” by two lineups of the rotational group, NCT U. “Go” similarly draws on the dynamic hip-hop leanings featured in those two tracks though emphasizes a heavier dance sound. It is NCT Dream’s fifth single following their debut track "Chewing Gum" in 2016 and last year's "My First and Last," "We Young,” and the Christmastime "Joy." 

NCT Dream is an age-determined group within the larger NCT unit and consists of all the teen-age members of NCT besides Lucas, one of the three new members that joined NCT in 2018 along with Kun and Jungwoo. (Lucas, who is 19 and several months older than NCT Dream's oldest member Mark, has expressed his apparent desire to join the group, which has led to multitudes of memes from the K-pop act's fans.)  

“Go” is part of NCT’s larger NCT 2018 project, and will be one of several singles by NCT units featured on an album reportedly out later this this month.

Watch NCT Dream’s “Go” here: