Joe Moses Announces New Deal With Atlantic Records/THMVMNT, Premieres Future-Featuring 'Back Goin' Brazy': Exclusive

Joe Moses
Courtesy of Atlantic

Joe Moses

California MC Joe Moses has officially inked a new deal with Atlantic Records/THMVMNT, Ty Dolla $ign's label. For Moses, the move was a no-brainer considering the West Coast tandem have proven to be a formidable pairing on tracks such as "Wavy" and "On My Bumper."

"Signing to THMVMNT was nothing new," Moses tells Billboard. "Ty [is] family. I wouldn’t wanna be around no one else." Ty echoes his Moses' sentiment and is more than happy about adding him to his roster. “Me and Joe been doing this for years, so why not make it official? He’s one of the dopest rappers out there and it’s time to take it to the next level with my team at Atlantic. I’m excited for my next chapter as an artist and now a label head and it’s only right for my bro JM to be the first artist on THMVMNT,” says Ty. 

In addition to his signing, Moses unveils his new single "Back Goin' Brazy" featuring Future. The ominous production allows both artists to punish the track with staggering blows. First, Moses brags about his opulence and skill at swiping girls from their significance others, rapping: "Them n----as know, we shoot and you don't/ Margielas and Louie, your ho is a groupie."

Later, Future wreaks havoc on the track with an Auto-Tune drenched hook, chanting, "I'm back goin' brazy." He further solidifies his presence with a booming verse to round out the song. "Future brought the whole vibe to 'Back Goin' Brazy,'" says Moses. "He's one of the greatest to do it." 

With his forthcoming Sowop EP coming soon, Moses remains confident in his standing on the West Coast and his ability to cause a stir on the rap scene. "I am the West Coast," he says. "I’ve been holding us down with no deal, no budget, just street money. I’m one guy on the West that ran my own program. Everyone knows that. Now it’s time for the world to see."

Listen to "Back Goin' Brazy" below.