Drake's 15 Best Music Videos: Critic's Picks

Drake, "Hotline Bling"
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Drake, "Hotline Bling"

Whether you're a heavy OVO fanatic or can't stand Drake and his antics, there really isn't much else to do at this point but sit there and watch the 31-year-old conquer.

His latest musical release —the Scary Hours EP — came at the top of the year and dished out one of the most anticipated singles from the Toronto megastar in a while in "God's Plan." The song, after being teased via Twitter and Instagram videos over the 2017 holiday season, reached a fever pitch by the time it dropped in January, which saw it debut atop the Billboard Hot 100, where it's sat for four consecutive weeks. The heartwarming, charity-themed music video followed, making it tough for those who love to hate on Drizzy to say anything at all.

The release of the "God's Plan" clip got us thinking about all of the creative ways that the OVO team has captured our attention through Drake's music videos. From cheeky moments like replacing himself with his own father for his video's lead, to hosting an entire party's worth of All-Star cameos, here are the 15 greatest Drake music videos.

15. "Miss Me" (feat. Lil Wayne) (2010)

Although "Miss Me" isn't one of Drizzy's best — or most fashionable — videos, an honorable mention is necessary for this early Thank Me Later banger, which featured a remote appearance from Lil Wayne, delivering one of his final verses before he would spend a year in jail for a New York City gun charge.

14. "Best I Ever Had" (2009)

The hit that would mark the beginning of a historic rise in hip-hop. With its (sort of) basketball-themed, Kanye-directed visual, "Best I Ever Had" lept into our hearts and set Drake on a 431-week — eight year — run on the Billboard Hot 100.

13. "Take Care" (feat. Rihanna) (2012)

The VMA-nominated video for "Take Care" saw Drake link back up with Rihanna for the first time since their Billboard Hot 100 chart topper "What's My Name?" The pair stand amid a monochrome backdrop crooning the incredibly somber tune, their chemistry undeniable as always. 

12. "Find Your Love" (2010)

"Find Your Love" marked the beginning of what would ultimately be an ongoing series of Drake videos where our hero saves a damsel in distress. In this one, the 6 God flirts with danger on a Caribbean island as he vies for the love of the lady friend of a crime boss -- played by Jamaican star Mavado -- who sets him up to get kidnaped.

11. "Jungle" (2015)

An arresting ode to his hometown of Toronto and the cultural nuances of the people in Drake's circle, contrary to most music videos, "Jungle" is a nearly 12-minute visual that barely features any music at all. The highly cinematic short film ends with a muffled version of the If You're Reading This It's Too Late song of the same name.

10. "Sneakin'" (feat. 21 Savage) (2016)

One of the first post-Views, pre-More LIfe visuals from Drake; the throw away banger "Sneakin" featured a verse from — at the time — rising Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. The endearingly lo-fi video saw Drake and 21 lounging in a red-tinted hot tub, surrounded by a gang of beautiful women. 

9. "Hold On We're Going Home" (feat. Majid Jordan) (2013)

One of Drake's first lengthy music videos, and another featuring him as the star of his own action-hero narrative. An All-Star cast appears in the big-production "Hold On We're Going Home" clip, as A$AP Rocky, actor Johnny Simmons, and Majid Al-Maskati of Majid Jordan all play Drake's gun wielding rescue team, while the late Chicago drill music pioneer Fredo Santana seizes the role of the villain.

8. "Child's Play" (2016)

The Apple Music exclusive and enjoyable rom-com-styled video for the bouncy "Child's Play" saw Drizzy get caught up by his furious girlfriend — played by Tyra Banks — at a dinner, which, if we were paying attention to the song, was probably at a Cheesecake Factory.

7. "Started From The Bottom" (2013)

"Started From The Bottom" gave Drake and co. the chance to show off their comedic ability, as Drizzy and a few of his OVO teammates memorably played a group of half-serious supermarket clerks — with Drake as the night manager — flirting with the female customers, and literally making a mess in the aisles. The video quickly transitions to off the clock festivities, as we get a taste of a lavish party with the October's Very Own crew.

6. Please Forgive Me (2016)

Another Apple Music exclusive was this short film that accompanied his 2016 blockbuster album, Views. "Please Forgive Me" used several songs from the album as the score for Drake's biggest starring role yet, while also featuring assistance from dancehall prince Popcaan, and the lovely model Fanny Neguesha. The highlight  of this short likely comes when the Hot 100-topping afro-pop smash "One Dance" serves as the background music for a gritty night-time party in the streets of the Soweto neighborhood in Johannasburg, South Africa. 

5. "God's Plan" (2018)

Drake's latest visual, for the current Hot 100 chart topper "God's Plan" might be his biggest win yet. Released on Feb. 16, the video is filled with nothing but heartwarming gestures from the 6 God, as a cheeky disclaimer at the beginning of the video explains that Drake & Co. gave away their entire $990,000 budget for the video away to folks around Miami. Drizzy is seen buying an entire supermarket worth of peoples' groceries, donating to homeless shelters, randomly popping up on families and handing them huge bundles of cash, and signing scholarship checks -- while also finding time to link up with star Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to dance around a shopping mall, and party with a sea of students from the University of Miami. 

4. "Worst Behavior" (2013)

For this visual, the OVO founder had to stand aside to make way for the real star: father Dennis Graham. The "Worst Behavior" vid sees Drake's pops posted up in front of a row of candy-pink colored old school cars, lip-syncing the words to the eccentric Nothing Was The Same cut. The OG Graham rocks a heavenly all-white suit and prances around as if it were his own track before Drake appears to take the reigns, standing around a flood of people in a run-down parking lot. This hilarious twist on the turbulent record cemented "Worst Behavior" as one of Drake's most creative videos.

3. "Hotline Bling" (2015)

From the instant-classic dance to the vibrant minimal scheme of the colorful visual, the video for the hypnotic "Hotline Bling" is just as infectious as the record. The clip could also be marked as the birth of full-fledged bearded Drizzy, as the OVO star hits his meanest cha-cha inside a color-changing geometric space while going back and forth between a bright red Moncler bubble jacket and a cozy-looking turtleneck. "Hotline Bling" struck a chord on many levels for folks, though some thought it was a rip of visual artist James Turrell's artworks, and others still were outraged by the fact that the groove sounded eerily similar to Virginia musician D.R.A.M.'s breakout "Cha Cha." But for better or worse, the video for "Hotline Bling" danced its way into pop culture, and became a key part of Peak Drake's iconography. 

2."Energy" (2015)

As soon as the words, "You requested it so we rewind" hit the air, it's tough to forget the image that the video for this If You're Reading This It's Too Late standout creates. The hilarity of the "Energy" vid lies in its clever -- and kind of creepy -- portrayal of Drake as a bunch of different fixtures of pop culture. The rapper's face takes the place of everyone from former president Barack Obama (with Drake's signature hair part), to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, to Miley Cyrus. We see Drizzy even transform into O.J. Simpson as he reenacts the infamous 1994 police chase behind the wheel of a Ford Bronco.

1. "HYFR" (feat. Lil Wayne) (2012)

The crown jewel of Drake's videography came from his Grammy-winning sophomore effort Take Care. This high-energy party anthem clip for "HYFR" is as lit a party as your teenage self could ever hope to attend, as Drake has a Bar Mitzvah that gets quickly turned into the fest of the decade. This Director X-helmed visual features cameos from some of the most influential playmakers in Drizzy's life: DJ Khaled, Birdman, Noah "40" Shebib, and Trey Songz all pack themselves in Miami's Temple Israel as Aubrey's big homie Lil Wayne also stars in the vid to drop his standout verse. "HYFR" deservedly landed Drake his first MTV Video Music Award in 2012 (for hip-hop video of the year), as well as the 2012 Juno award for video of the year.