Rapper Gerald Walker Embraces Fear on 'Peace of Mine,' Feat. Rockie Fresh & Stalley: Premiere

Karston Tannis
Gerald Walker

In his latest song “Peace of Mine,” featuring Rockie Fresh and Stalley, Midwest rapper Gerald Walker talks about his accomplishments in the past year and embracing that fear to live his life.

He blends a soft ballad with melodic beats for an alternative sound that differentiates him from today’s traditional rap music. “Sacrifice my peace of mind if they ever want a piece of mine/ I’ll leave It all right on the line, ask if I’m playing, tell them duh duh duh,” he raps.

Throughout the tuneful record, Walker showcases his soulful persona through his compelling lyrics, which later enables Fresh and Stalley to seamlessly thread their verses onto the track. “I’m just pouring all these new experiences into my music,” he shared with Billboard. "I think ‘Peace of Mine’ is emblematic of those experiences, in addition, to where I am personally and musically."

Check out “Peace of Mind” below.