Hip-Hop & Soul Duo OSHUN Tackle the Ups and Downs of Love in 'Parts' Video: Premiere

Oshun Bittersweet Vol. 1 LP
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Oshun, "Bittersweet Vol. 1 LP"

OSHUN makes the kind of music that places them in a league of their own. The duo, comprised of Thandiwe and Niambi Sala each have distinct voices but blend seamlessly when they connect on wax. Today (Jan. 30), the singers give their latest single "Parts" the video treatment as they take viewers through a visual representation of the ups and downs of a relationship. 

The camera pans over an ocean before finding the singers, who begin to frolic in a pasture clad in mustard floor-length gowns. "Well, mama told me honor my feelings/ Protect my heart/ 'Cause things fall apart and they shatter, but/ That shit don't really even matter/ When I'm with you," Niambi, seemingly enamored by a lover, sings with a wide grin plastered across her face. 

But to Niambi's surprise, her crush isn't as into her as she believed and leaves her heartbroken towards the middle of the video. From there, the ladies go dark and Thandi takes over to deliver bars about the mix signals she's been receiving and knowing her worth. "You only with me 'cause my name has many benefits/ You mad 'cause I peeped game and I refuse to just submit," she raps. "I can't play games, I'm not staying, fuck this relationship." 

"Journeying from their home, the Oshuniverse, these two goddesses experience the bittersweet elements of Earthly Love. While the first part walks you through the sweetness of infatuation, the second drags you through the bitterness of heartbreak, as OSHUN aborts their mission on Earth," the duo says of the video's concept. 

OSHUN is gearing up for their debut album, bittersweet vol. 1, which comes out on March 2. The duo is currently on their Bittersweet Tour and will make stops in Chicago, Toronto and Boston, among other cities, before the release of their album. Tickets can be purchased here.

Watch the video for "Parts" below.