Watch Kendrick Lamar Deliver a Fiery Opening Performance With U2 & Dave Chappelle at the 2018 Grammy Awards

On Sunday night (Jan. 28), Kendrick Lamar delivered a blistering performance that left the crowd at New York City's Madison Square Garden mesmerized. 

From the onset, Lamar set the stage ablaze with a fiery showing of "XXX." Standing in front of an American flag backdrop, Lamar zipped through his "XXX." verse for his U2-assisted track with gusto. With several dancers clad in army fatigue, Lamar's machine-gun flow set the tempo and was the perfect setup to introduce Bono for the song's chorus.

Then, renowned comedian, Dave Chappelle, popped up and joked with the crowd saying, "Hi, I'm Dave Chappelle. "And I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption." That allowed Lamar to return on stage to spew more venomous raps. He continued his rampage with a drummer alongside his side. While he steamrolled his way through his verse, the drummer intensified her performance, following Lamar's momentum. 

Chappelle reveled at Lamar's high-octane energy and chanted "Rumble, young man, rumble," in hopes of pushing him even further. There, Lamar jumped into searing verses that ended up with simulated gunshots knocking dancers one by one, concluding his jaw-dropping effort.

Watch Lamar's performance above. 

2018 Grammy Awards