NBA Star Victor Oladipo Gets Romantic in 'One Day' Music Video

Courtesy Photo
Victor Oladipo, "One Day"

Victor Oladipo is currently enjoying a breakout season for the surprising Indiana Pacers. The 25-year-old has a chance to be playing in his first All-Star game come February and is a favorite for the Most Improved Player award in the NBA. The Maryland native is currently averaging 24 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists per game in his first season with Indiana since being traded for Paul George by the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Oladipo is making sure to keep his R&B music sharp as well during the season. The Donny Hathaway-inspired artist returns with the affectionate "One Day" video, which appeared as a stand-out track on his Songs For You EP. The 25-year-old croons throughout the chorus of the romantic track, "Girl what took you so long, you coming round right now/ Acting like you know you still the one right now/ You got the juice, I tell you the truth/ I still, love you."

The Matt Alonzo-directed clip panels between Oladipo romanticizing his love-interest in the bedroom of a chic apartment, to him confessing his love with the picturesque Los Angeles skyline at his back. The dual-threat R&B artist tunefully sings to close out the tender record, "For me to love you like I love you one day/ All it took was one day."

Check out the baller's "One Day" music video below.