Towkio Juggles Multiple Women in 'Symphony' Video

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Towkio ft. Teddy Jackson, "Symphony"

Towkio is gearing up to unveil his debut album WWW in February, but not without stirring up anticipation first. On Wednesday, the Savemoney crew member and Chicago rapper released his new single "Symphony" and accompanying video, in which a few drinks and a beautiful lady lead Towkio on a night-long chase around a bar. 

The addictive beat of "Symphony" is powered by a groovy, funk rhythm and raucous drums. In the beginning of the visual, Towkio is seated by a bar when he sees a woman in a red dress walk by. Enamored by her beauty, Towkio heads on a quest to find the mysterious lady, and once he finds her by the bar, he pursues her and attempts to win her over with his sweet talk. 

Throughout the night, Towkio believes he's chasing his leading lady but ends up in a closet, bedroom and pool with multiple other women. At one point, a woman hands him an unknown liquid to drink, and after taking the drink, Towkio ends right back where he started at the bar where his leading lady is waiting. As the cycle continues, Towkio and his women dance to the jazzy rhythm provided by a nearby quartet, but this time, his night isn't ending the way he intended and later ends his chase by returning to the bar again. 

Towkio's upcoming album is slated to be released Feb. 16 via Republic Records. The rapper's previously released singles "Drift" and "Swim" are featured on the album, which boasts features from Teddy Jackson, Njomza and Vic Mensa.

Watch "Symphony" below: