Skyzoo Unveils Album Sampler for 'In Celebration of Us': Premiere

Robert Adam Mayer


Brooklyn MC Skyzoo has proven to be a formidable lyricist throughout his career. After piecing together an ambitious effort with Apollo Brown titled The Easy Truth in 2016, Sky is ready to release his new solo endeavor, titled In Celebration of Us.

Slated for a Feb. 2 release, In Celebration of Us will find Skyzoo tackling an array of issues, including police brutality, cultural appropriation and more.

"On this album, I wanted to tap into the present, more so than any other album of mine as far as full projects. Music of the times is the best way to describe it,” Skyzoo tells Billboard. “From cultural appropriation and gentrification to police brutality and the irony of motives behind bigger motives, it’s an album that explores who we are and why we are where we are in society, as a people. What’s been done to us and what we’ve done to ourselves, mainly out of confused necessity, all while celebrating us in the process."

The 15-track album will feature Raheem DaVaughn, WordsNCurves, Kay Cola and more. Skyzoo also recruited several familiar faces on the production front in !llmind and Apollo Brown to help lay out the blueprint for his forthcoming album. 

"Conceptually, this is Ta-nehisi Coates meets Chappelle’s Show, The Autobiography of Malcolm X meets Black-ish, the case of Sandra Bland meets the birth of Air Jordans," he explains. "It’s intense, and it’s beautiful. I’m honored to be able to give my take on our story."

Listen to the album sampler for In Celebration of Us and find the set's full tracklist below. You can also pre-order the album here.


1. Everybody’s Fine
2. Sound Like…
3. Baker’s Dozen f. Raheem Devaughn
4. Crown Holder
5. Heirlooms & Accessories
6. Forever In A Day
7. Remembering The Rest (Interlude) f. WordsNCurves
8. The Purpose f. Kay Cola
9. Love is Love
10. Black Sambo
11. Parks & Recreation f. Saba Abraha
12. Collateral f. Jake&Papa
13. The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace”
14. Hoodie SZN
15. Honor Amongst Thieves